10 Fascinating New Discoveries Related To Blood

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The human body is the most complex structure in nature. Our current forms are a result of millions of years of sculpting by the meticulous hands of evolution. From our brain to our bones, every element has been morphed to provide us with the utmost stability in order to function in the way we were meant to function. As we study our body, we continue to understand the grand design that went into creating the smartest creature on our planet. The blood in the human body has yielded many interesting results when studied under the sharp lens of science. This list contains 10 of the most fascinating discoveries that resulted from studying and experimenting with blood.

Robots Used To Repair Your Blood Cells

Science fiction has given us a lot of great ideas over the years, and a scene from ‘Fantastic Voyage’ may soon be played out in real life. Nanobots could be sent directly into your blood stream in the near future, and play a major role in repairing your cells directly.

Blood Powered Batteries

A lot can be done with some blood, sweat and tears. Just some sweat and blood alone could be enough to power new bio-batteries that could be planted under your skin, and used to charge things like LED’s.

Saving Lives Could Depend On Zombie Dog Experiment

An experiment that was first conducted in 1940 by Russian scientists was re-conducted in 2005 in America. It involved flushing all the blood from the dog’s body and replacing it with oxygen and sugar-filled saline. This blood transfusion was followed by an electric shock that supposedly brought the dog back to life. Scientists are relying on evolved versions of this experiment to save many human lives in the near future.

Secret Database Of Newborn Blood

The US government has been collecting blood samples of new born children and testing them for various genetic and other disorders. Apparently between 2003 and 2007, 800 blood samples were collected from Texas newborns without the knowledge or consent from their parents.

Addicted To Blood

They say that any substance in the world can be addictive, but some addictions may be better than others. A man from Turkey who suffered from multiple personality disorders, Dissociative identity disorder and PTSD, also became addicted to drinking blood regularly after suffering from years of childhood abuse and other tragedies. Doctors, who have not revealed the patients real name, have said that he is the first official registered case of vampirism in the world.

Blood As A Fertilizer

Did you know that blood could be good for your lawn? The infusion of blood meal into your soil apparently provides it with a healthy supplement of nitrogen that leads to be better root systems and overall improvement in the resistance to diseases.

Your Computer Might Bleed Someday

IBM is on a quest to create super machines that are 10,000 times more efficient that regular computers. They will apparently require these bionic computers to be cooled and powered by electronic blood. They have already built a prototype system called Aquasar that runs with this technology. Soon, your computers may let you know that they are broken when you spot some electronic blood dripping from their sides. Maybe you can pull out an electronic band-aid that day.

Better Skin With Blood Facials

People are willing to do anything in order to hold onto their youth. The latest attempt to keep people young involves a facial called the ‘vampire facelift’. During this procedure, doctors separate the platelets and protein from two to four vials of blood and inject it straight into your face to build more collagen. I wonder if there is a limit to the kind of things people are willing to inject into their faces?

Young Blood May Improve Functions

An interesting study conducted at Stanford University suggests that young blood may improve certain functions in older bodies. When the blood of young mice was injected into older mice, it showed an increase in brain function. Apparently the older mice with young blood showed improved performance in memory tests in comparison to ordinary older mice.

Blood And Art

Many artists around the world rely on using blood and even urine to create powerful paintings that symbolize detailed visions. According to artists like Vinicius Quesada, the pigmentation caused by blood makes it a powerful tool to experiment in artistic forms.