10 Extremely Detailed Pieces Of Origami

Paper folding is rarely considered to be an art form. Usually a hobby for the crafty children, origami is a leisure time activity for most and a fun idea for a personal gift for others. However, deep in its core, origami can be an artistic expression. Especially when one is passionate enough, paper folding can lead to staggering and astounding results. With deep roots in the Asian history and quickly taking the world by storm, origami has evolved from the making of little paper figures anyone can make, to truly detailed paper art pieces that take artists hours to complete. Whether or not you’re considering origami a simple hobby or an imaginative art, here are 10 extremely detailed pieces of origami paper art, which are truly outstanding!

Flying Katydid

Designed and folded by Sipho Mabona, this extremely detailed Flying Katydid origami is a perfect example that paper folding can truly turn a simple piece of paper into amazing pieces of art.


When it comes to origami, the first thought of many people are origami animals. However, this Grulla is nothing compared to most paper-folding designs you can easily learn and do at home. It was made by Roman Diaz and Daniel Naranjo.