10 Exciting Benefits Of Red Palm Oil

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Red palm oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is great for your skin. The powerful antioxidants within the substance ensure the human body looks great on the outside and feels even better on the inside. Its repairing powers are well known among the health community, though many people certainly haven’t caught on to the oil as of right now. That is set to change, though. The benefits are beginning to come to light, so taking part in this health movement is a smart idea.

Younger Skin

Red palm oil, thanks to the vitamin E within, helps protect skin by providing an anti-aging effect to eliminate wrinkles and smooth the surface we see everyday. The vitamins within ensure blood circulation is boosted, leading to active cell regeneration and new skin layers growing at a faster speed.


Red palm oil is known in the health community for the high amount of various fats it contains. These fats are highly beneficial for a person’s skin, including to hydrate and supply the skin with fatty acids that are necessary. Restoring the skin’s natural oils to keep it moisturized is a primary advantage of red palm.

Improved Vision

Red palm contains more antioxidant carotene than both carrots and tomatoes. Carotenes are the nutrients that help ocular vision. A deficiency in vitamin A may cause blindness and affect learning ability and mental function.

Weight Loss

Red palm oil contains medium-chained fatty acids – the healthy kind. Medium-chained acids are said to boost the body’s metabolism, they break down faster and are readily available by the body instead of being stored as fat. A faster metabolism means faster weight loss.

Strengthened Immune System

The immune system is a touchy part of the body, as it can change so quickly and drastically. High levels of squalene are contained within red palm oil, which strengthens the immune system. Squalene is also a great cancer fighter and reduces the risk of various other diseases.

Healthy Brain

The brain is a powerful organ and should be treated as such. Red palm oil can reduce damage and improve the blood flow to the brain. This can delay, and possible prevent, the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Protection Against Inflammatory Diseases

Red palm offers plenty of anti-inflammatory properties to protect against a variety of heart problems. The oil can reduce the pain caused by chronic conditions, including arthritis, plus plenty of inflammatory conditions.

Decreased Heart Attack and Stroke Risk

Red palm helps to have a healthier heart and cardiovascular system. A study has proven that it may help prevent any heart disease in addition to lowering bad cholesterol and reduce high blood pressure. A decreased risk of stroke is also highly possible, too.

Plaque Removal

Red oil is highly known for removing plaque within the body. This is one of the ways it helps against heart disease and to strengthen against heart attacks. Plaque is certainly a problem in older individuals and unhealthier people.

Lung Care

Red oil has also been know to help the lungs, especially for those people suffering from asthma on a daily basis. Having trouble breathing? Try to get some red palm oil and alleviate the issues you’re experience and breathe a little deeper.