10 Companies That Offer Unbelievable Perks To Employees

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In order to ensure that they can get the best possible people working for them, many companies and businesses will offer perks in addition to a normal salary. These types of benefits can help to make an employer much more attractive to the public, giving them an advantage over their competitors. Usually, the perks on offer will be include standard extras such as health coverage, gym memberships or even casual days where workers can wear their normal clothing rather than a uniform. However, some jobs offer far more attractive and unique perks that you wouldn’t believe.


Dropbox offers all types of services at its headquarters in Silicon Valley. This includes a gourmet restaurant, hair salons, a laundry service and even a music studio so that people employed by the cloud storage system can record their own songs.

Beer Fridays

Located in Florida, Advanced Medical does something that every man has dreamed of as it serves beer to employees every Friday. Anyone who wants an ice-cold refreshment can grab one from a beer cart that is taken around the office, with bosses at the company arguing that it is a valid reward for a hard weeks work.


Employees at Google are given access to a range of rewards that most of us could only dream of having at our own workplace. Some examples include free lunches, car servicing, yoga classes, childcare and a large playroom to relax in, while the internet giant will also pay up to $12,000 towards tuition fees.

Overnight Breast Milk Delivery

Zillow is an online real estate database service that provides a dedicated program for mothers so that they can ensure that they can breastfeed their children. This includes giving them high quality equipment such as breast pumps and offering to pay for any overnight deliveries of the milk if the mother is working away from home.

Botox Injections

As well as the normal rewards that you might expect a company to have, such as medical insurance, Chesapeake Energy has its very own dermatology service. This allows workers to be screened for skin cancer and other skin problems, while also providing Botox injections.

Sports Complex

Many businesses provide free gym memberships to their employees so that they can stay fit and healthy, but Clif Bar & Company goes one step further by providing not just a gym. Instead, they have a high-tech rock climbing facility and a dance studio, with the company even paying staff to exercise.

Wellness Packages

It’s well known that healthy and relaxed people are much more effective in a working environment. That inspired San Francisco business Salesforce to introduce a series of wellness packages designed to get workers to sign up to yoga classes and get massages, with the company offering all staff up to $100 for such services.

A Fully Customized Office

Working in an office can be a depressing state of affairs, so Asana has took the extreme step of giving employees the option of customizing their space to their liking. Before starting work, employees are given a budget of $10,000 to spend with the most expensive option being a motorized desk that allows people to work while standing up.

Unlimited Vacation Days

There are several technology companies that offer unlimited vacation time for every employee. This is often used as a way to allow staff to take off as much time off as they need to fully refresh or go on holiday, with companies like Pinterest and Netflix also pointing out that it is useful for new parents who want maternity leave.

Their Own Shopping Center

As one of the biggest companies in the world, Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond is home to thousands of employees. In order to keep them entertained and provide for almost all of their needs, Microsoft has built its own shopping mall exclusively for its staff. Known as The Commons, it contains restaurants, shops, banks and arcades.