10 Companies That Offer Unbelievable Perks To Employees

In order to ensure that they can get the best possible people working for them, many companies and businesses will offer perks in addition to a normal salary. These types of benefits can help to make an employer much more attractive to the public, giving them an advantage over their competitors. Usually, the perks on offer will be include standard extras such as health coverage, gym memberships or even casual days where workers can wear their normal clothing rather than a uniform. However, some jobs offer far more attractive and unique perks that you wouldn’t believe.


Dropbox offers all types of services at its headquarters in Silicon Valley. This includes a gourmet restaurant, hair salons, a laundry service and even a music studio so that people employed by the cloud storage system can record their own songs.

Beer Fridays

Located in Florida, Advanced Medical does something that every man has dreamed of as it serves beer to employees every Friday. Anyone who wants an ice-cold refreshment can grab one from a beer cart that is taken around the office, with bosses at the company arguing that it is a valid reward for a hard weeks work.