10 Campaigns For Sexual Assault That Are Shocking

There are many problems that our society needs to address immediately. The rising rate of violent crimes and sexual assaults is perhaps the biggest area of concern for the modern society. We like to think of ourselves as civilized beings, but there are clearly people who still walk among us who are clueless to the true meaning of humanity. Awareness campaigns for these issues have been running for as long as the issues have been prevalent themselves, but there seems to be little to no change in our mentality. Here are 10 campaigns that use shock-value and graphic content to shake things up and make us take notice.

Slut Walk

This campaign was called ‘Slut Walk’ and it was conducted in Chicago in 2013. This campaign directly addresses the issue related to women dressing provocatively. The old stereotype has always tried to blame women for their dressing sense, but this campaign forces you to wonder if a skirt is really the problem.

Project Unbreakable

This campaign was initiated by a photography student at the School for Visual Arts. The general idea was to give a voice to those who are victims of sexual assault by using the words of the attackers. Some of the content you read in this campaign is truly disturbing and gives a very brief insight into what the victims were put through.