10 Bizarre Traditions Of Love That Are Gone

Today there are a lot of different traditions of love that we see in public almost every single day – holding hands, taking people out on dates, flirting, kissing in public – they all seem quite simple and not unusual whatsoever. At one point, even using online dating or dating apps was considered unusual and controversial, but not any longer. The point is, everything grows to a point where it is accepted. However, at one point in history, some bizarre traditions once existed for love, but they are sadly no more. Here are ten traditions that are gone.

Vinegar Valentines

Vinegar Valentines, which were most commonly known as Mean Valentine’s Day cards, came out in the 1800s. Basically, these cards mocked or insulted the intended receiver.

Heart Sleeves

The expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve” came from somewhere, right? It is thought this was from the Middle Ages, where men would draw names and then wear a heart on their sleeve to match with the woman easier.