10 Awesome Alternatives To The Wedding Cake

Are you planning a wedding, but you want to stand out from the rest? Why not change your wedding cake into something that is far more awesome than just a cake! Whether you are a traditionalist or a modern day advocate, the truth is that if you are going to do a wedding you are bound to stick to the rules, as everyone expects you to. And while you don’t have much ground to play around, you are still able to change up few things without your guests getting mad. One of those things is the craved and at times highly expensive wedding cake. Do you like burgers? Why not make a wedding burger! These couples did just that and they’ve created 10 awesome alternatives to the wedding cake.

The Wedding Burger Cake

Are you fan of fast foods? Why not surprise everyone by having a burger cake, instead of a traditional wedding cake. The calories are pretty much the same!

The Wedding Truffles Cake

Whether your wedding is big or small, you can simply arrange a bunch of truffles in the form of a cake. It will be twice as tasty as a normal cake!