10 Animals That Went Extinct Recently

Humankind has had the distinct capability of forcing animals into extinction in recent years. We destroy environments, build new cities where lush forests once stood tall, and slaughter animals for our own satisfaction and food supplies on a regular basis. Without humanity, a lot of animals probably would have thrived for a lot longer than they have so far. Sadly, that won’t slow down. Here are ten animals that recently went extinct. Perhaps one day science can bring them back for good through the use of cloning.


The Thylacine, which is commonly referred to as the Tasmanian Tiger, was one of the largest carnivorous marsupials that once lived in modern days. Unfortunately, due to constant hunting, the Thylacine has been wiped out.


The Quagga was once a subspecies of the common Plains Zebra. They differed from their northern brethren by having stripes on their head, neck, and only the front portion of their bodies. The last free one was captured in 1870, unfortunately.