10 Amazing Pictures Of Frost Shadows

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Winter is a beautiful time of the year, where the temperatures cool, birds migrate and snow starts to fall. Snow is often followed by frost, and it is this frost that generally melts away when the sun comes out — that’s if it isn’t hidden by a shadow. The following list of images are just that — pictures of frost-covered landscapes that have been melted by the rise in temperature, all but the frost hidden beneath shadows. These images are incredibly beautiful, and maybe you have seen some of these frost-shadows in real life, too!

Frosty Fence

This amazing picture shows a landscape that was once covered in frost, that is until the sun came out. With the sun’s heat, the frost was melted, apart from the places where the sun can’t reach.


How amazing are these frost shadows caused by the trees?

Forest Frost

Here we can see a rather cold forest that has been gently warmed up by the sun. The places that the sun hasn’t reached yet, the places hidden beneath the shadows cast by the trees, are covered in frost.

House & Bin

It is both amazing and quite daunting to think that the sun is ending the life of the frost, simply by shining upon it.

Frosty Park

As with all the other images on this list, frosty shadows are an amazing occurrence.


This picture clearly shows the effect shadows have on frost — it is almost like the frost is being cared for by the trees.

Tree Tree Fence Tree

These little trees and the shadows they must have cast on the frost beneath shows just how delicate it is.

Mountain Side

Frost only usually forms in low temperatures, where the mildew on the trees and grass freezes. Here we can see that frost being shielded from the sun by the mountain.


We wonder if this tree was lopped down and laid on top of the frosty shadow, would it be a perfect match?

Amazing Bench

This photograph looks almost like a painting, the colors and the frost seem like something that wouldn’t happen in nature.