10 Amazing Facts About The Gaming Industry

Nintendo Dominates In Terms Of Critical Acclaim

Although Nintendo have suffered some hardships of late, with the Wii U failing to make much of a mark since its release, the company still dominates in terms of critical acclaim. Many of their games routinely gain scores of more than 90 out of 100, with several of them topping lists of the likes of Metacritic and GameRanking. The likes of Ocarina of Time, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, Twilight Princess, Perfect Dark and GoldenEye all appear in the top 20 with scores greater than 95 on average.

Developers Aren’t Always Experienced

Developers have to start somewhere, though you probably wouldn’t expect some of the greatest games ever made to come from people who had never even made a video game before. For example, BioWare, the creators of Mass Effect and Dragon Age, were set up by newly graduated medical doctors and GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 had a nine man team, with eight of those having never worked on a game before.