Wedding Couple Decide To Host A Weed Bar

Wedding Couple Decide To Host A Weed Bar


One couple who recently decided to marry and spend their lives together in West Linn, Oregon, decided to have a wedding that was a little bit more interesting and uplifting. The couple thought it was best to have a weed bar instead of just a normal free bar and a DJ.

The wedding was between John Elledge and Whitney Alexander. Elledge, who is a professional cannabis cultivator, thought it was the best idea to the entire bar based around pot and even a ‘budtender’. The ‘budtender’ definitely knew what he was getting into, and he certainly knew his stuff in regards to marijuana and the different strains.

The wedding was, of course, held on private property, so it was completely legal for the marijuana bar to be made available to guests. Speaking with local news outlet KGM, Elledge said: “We were shocked by how much people loved it. I’m still getting a couple of texts a day from guests who enjoyed the weed tent.”

The local state law has a limit of eight ounces of pot in total, but there were 13 different varieties for guests to choose from. Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves, too.