London Mayor Caught Verbally Abusing Taxi Driver


The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is no stranger to controversy and gaffs. Throughout his career as a leading politician in the Conservative party, the MP has constantly been involved in blunders and incidents that don’t exactly portray him in a good light. The latest episode involving Johnson shows him verbally abusing a London cab driver.

A passerby filmed the exchange between the mayor and the cabbie, which was instigated by the driver shouting at Johnson as he cycled home asking about the governments support for black cabs. After some brief heckling, the politician hurled out, “why don’t you f**k off and die.”

According to sources close to Johnson, the taxi driver in question is someone who has clashed with the MP before. The main topic of conversation between the two appears to be about the lack of government protection for black cabs against Uber.

The general secretary of the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association Steve McNamara commented on the incident, playing it down by arguing that no real harm was done. “This was an incident between two grown men. No children were about and no-one was offended. It’s a bit of a storm in the tea-cup.