20 Struggles Every College Student Has Dealt With

Choosing Courses

The joys of college is being able to choose your own schedule. You may make the mistake of choosing an 8 a.m. class, knowing you’re not a morning person. Or you could schedule a late Friday class, putting a damper in the start of your weekend.

College Cafeteria

If you’re staying on campus, you’re forced to get a meal plan and eat in the cafeteria. The food can either be really good, or make you miss those good home cooked meals your mom made.

Being Homesick

College is a great opportunity to enjoy life on your own. Sometimes you may get a little homesick and want to be around the people that may know you the best.


It’s hard to study for four different classes and try to maintain a social life. You have to focus on one class, just to get ready for a test in another class.