20 Mind Numbing Things About Pregnancy No One Tells You

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Pregnancy is an outer-body experience that is different each time. Family and friends tell you their stories, but there is always something that happens when you’re pregnant that no one thought to tell you. You may get caught off guard, scared or terrified that something is wrong or just downright disgusting. The following list provides some insight on what happens to your body during pregnancy, labor & delivery and post pregnancy. Check out the list and you just might find out that you were not the only person to go through these mind numbing things while pregnant.

Let The Narcolepsy Begin…Then End

When you’re in the beginning stages of pregnancy, it seems as if everything tires you out and nothing is more appealing than lying in your bed. Going out and staying up late seems like a thing of the past. Then, as the pregnancy progresses, you have enough energy to keep going and when the time comes, you are ready for a good night’s sleep. However, your body isn’t ready. It becomes hard to get comfortable and your body aches from trying to find that perfect position, which ends up keeping you up all night. No more sleeping through the night for you, until after the baby is born.

Bathroom Breaks All Through The Day

Every time you sit down it appears as if you have to get up again and use the bathroom. It’s like you are releasing a liter a day. It’s a constant cycle of up-and-down, running to the bathroom. It can even appear as if your baby has decided to lay directly on top of your bladder.

Your Shoes Are Too Small

Your feet will grow a size or two during the pregnancy. So say goodbye to those small petite feet and get ready for the big ones. Your body starts to retain extra fluids and it has taken up space in your feet. Put away your favorite shoes and put on some comfortable crocs instead.

Step Away From The Food

Morning sickness isn’t the right way of putting it. You may be sick all day long and the sight of food will make you nauseous, and almost nothing stays down anymore. So prepare to say bye-bye to your favorite foods like eggs, pizza and chicken.

It Feels Like A Heart Attack…Oh, That’s Just Heartburn

Your chest will feel like it’s on fire and the pain can wake you up. It may even cause you to think something’s wrong with the baby or you’re having a heart attack. However, the sharp pain piercing through your chest is most likely heartburn.

Your Boobs Are Aching

As your hormones change your boobs will not only grow, but start to fill with colostrum. What no one tells you, is that it’s possible for milk to leak before the baby is born. So be prepared to wake up to wet stains on your shirt from leakage at some point during your pregnancy.

Unfortunately, Not Just the Belly Swells

Your body will swell in places you never knew could grow. Expect your nose, mouth, feet and hands to get bigger as the pregnancy months progress. However, your labia will also swell as the baby slides into the birth canal and you may feel as if you have an actual bowling ball inside. Try laying down to relieve some of the pressure, because walking will get painful during that last trimester.

No Worries, That’s Just A Foot

That pain you just felt that connected with your ribs or stab you between the legs is just the baby playing kickball. Prepare yourself for the inevitable, as there is no way to stop the little one from having some fun. Oh, and those bladder kicks will have you running to the bathroom every time. You might want to have some panty liners on in case of an accident, you don’t want to get caught at work unable to make it to the bathroom.

You’re Fine, Your Water Just Broke

Don’t expect your water to break with a splatter or splash, it can be just a trickle down your legs. If you find yourself wetter than normal. Often, then it’s probably not from the baby kicking your bladder– the water bag could have a slow leak.

Yoga Is Easier Than Bending Over Between The Legs

Forget about shaving the hair off those private parts. The bigger you get, the more invisible it will become. So although, you may still be able to do some of your yoga moves, actually shaving between your legs will be a thing of the past for the foreseeable future.

Mucus Doesn’t Just Come Out Of The Nose

The music from your cervix will plop out as your body gets ready to go into labor. It is as gross as it sounds, it will look like boogers from the nose, with traces of blood. Don’t get scared if you come across the mucus, it’s just your cervix softening and opening up so the baby can come out.

Get Ready For Your Close Up

Once you are in labor, everyone will want a look between your legs to check your cervix and start preparing you for delivery. So get ready, you’re going to be open for business, with the doctors, physicians’ assistants, nurses and midwives all trying to take a look or a feel of your cervix area.

Strapped Down With The Heart Rate Monitor

Stay right where you are and don’t move! When you go into active labor, you will be required to have your stomach strapped in two places in order for the staff to monitor the baby’s heart rate. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil, the monitor will alert the doctor if there is something wrong with the baby’s heart rate. So although it may be uncomfortable, stay strapped at all times!

No Eating…Unless You Want To Release Your Bowels

When you are in labor, it is essential that you refrain from eating solid foods. If you don’t, then expect to have a bowel movement while trying to push your baby through the birth canal — the heavy load will want to come out at the same time! So for the sake of others, stay away from the food.

The Baby Isn’t The Only Thing You Have To Deliver

Of course, you know about the placenta and what it’s used for during pregnancy. However, were you aware that it will have to be pushed out the same as your baby? So don’t sit back and relax once the baby is out, prepare to start pushing again. You can relax again once it’s out and you are all closed up.

You May Split Or Be Cut Open

If you have difficulty pushing out your baby you may end up tearing or ripping the vaginal opening. If this happens, you will need an episiotomy to stitch the area back up. This means that you may have difficulty using the bathroom and sitting once you get home. However, the stitches dissolve on their own, so no need to return to the hospital to have them removed.

Breastfeeding Can Hurt

When your baby latches on to eat, it can be extremely painful in the beginning. There is a learning process involved in breastfeeding babies, get all the help you can. If not, you may suffer from bruises and swelling because your baby isn’t latching on properly.

Say Hello To Hemorrhoids

The strain and pressure on your lower stomach and bowel area can cause hemorrhoids. If this happens, you will not be able to sit and even walking can get painful. It’s also essential that you don’t strain while pushing out your baby as this can cause hemorrhoids as well. Practice birthing techniques to use during active labor to avoid them.

It’s Not Tight Anymore

That’s right, the vaginal canal just isn’t the same! This is because of all that added pressure during pregnancy. You now have a new normal down there. So be sure to practice your Kegel exercises to help strengthen the walls once again.

Paunch Belly

Yes, you now have an extra empty pouch! Consider it as a gift from the baby. Stomach fat is common and among the easiest to lose. So just do some cardio, recommended by your doctor, to help melt away that fat.