15 Parking Fails That Leave You Scratching Your Head

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We all have seen our share of bad drivers. Some people just don’t understand rules of the road or courtesy. We often wonder how some were even issued a valid driver’s license. Well parking is no different. People scramble to park wherever they can when they are in a rush. Mix a bad driver with the fact that rushing never leads to anything good and we have disaster. This compilation is visual proof that some people need to hand over their keys, permanently.

Caught Between A Pole and A Hard Place

Not sure if this is a prank or a drunk driver. Either way, we’re impressed with the symmetry.

Slide Right In

Looks as if removing this car will be more difficult than anything.

Need A Lift?

Perhaps this driver need to elevate the car. For whatever reason.

Drive Thru Return

Creating your own drive thru is always a bad idea.

Parallel Park

Why is parallel parking so tricky? We can never quite get it right.

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They appear

Trying to back up a car when you can’t see out of the windows is always a bad idea.

Driving And Tying Your Shoes

This driver was tying a shoe when they accidentally hit the gas. Irony…..the parking spot they were waiting on was on the other side of the lot.

Secure Parking Lot

This isn’t what the brochure meant when it said, Covered Parking.

Road Block

Well I was trying to park on this beautiful patch of grass and there was this huge rock in the way.

Those Pesky Bees

This driver claimed to have been attacked by a bee as she was backing into a parking spot.

I Didn’t See Anything

Perhaps the cab is so large that he couldn’t see the cars below. Either way, this is a mangled mess.

Road Rage

This woman was angry about the silver car stealing her parking spot. She took matters into her own hands.

Don’t Ignore Construction Signs

This job probably won’t be completed for a few days and this driver is pretty much screwed after ignoring the signs.

Street Paving

It takes the city forever to agree to repave a street but one knucklehead decides to park here, leaving this awkwardness.

Inside The Lines

This was the only spot left and the owner assumed it was okay, as long as they were inside the lines.