12 Shockingly Huge Traffic Jams From Around The World

Traffic jams and road congestion is something that everybody has to deal with at some point in their life. Whether you are making the school trip to drop off the kids, doing some shopping, travelling or simply trying to commute to work, busy roads can be incredibly frustrating. Sitting in your car and moving along as a snail’s pace is something that nobody enjoys.

However, over the past decade or so the problem has grown much worse. A bigger distribution of wealth and cheaper cars mean that more people can afford to own a vehicle and with roads rarely being expanded or improved, they can’t keep up with the growth. The problem is even worse in developing countries where until a few years ago, only the very wealthy could afford to drive. Coupled with occasional treacherous storm or natural disaster, this has led to some truly incredible traffic jams that have caused more than a slight delay.

Bangkok, Thailand – 4 Hours

Thailand has seen an explosion of car ownership in the past few years. Government policies that give tax refunds to first-time car buyers and a greater share of wealth in the country allowing more people to spend money has led to millions of extra cars going onto the roads. Unfortunately, much of the country is ill-prepared for such growth and it can take 4 hours to travel just a few miles in crowded cities like Bangkok.

Tokyo, Japan – 6 Hours

A combination of issues led to an 84 mile long traffic jam that brought much of Tokyo to a crippling halt in August of 1990. Many people were travelling on the roads because of the end of a national holiday while a typhoon warning also led to many residents attempting to evacuate the city and get somewhere safer. This simply led to far too many vehicles being on the roads at the same time, causing severe congestion that last for several hours.

Hamburg, Germany – 8 Hours

Hamburg was often seen as one of the worst cities in Europe for traffic congestion. It frequently faced traffic jams that lasted for several hours thanks to thin roads, a large amount of road users and poor public transport. The worst incident happened in 1993 when cars piled up for more than 100 miles. Luckily, the city’s roads are far less crowded today as a large number of residents now cycle or use public transport.