10 Terrifying Ways Scientists Say The World Could End

The impending doom of the planet is something that captivates almost every single person around the world. This is evident by the sheer number and popularity of disaster films and entertainment that deal with Armageddon-like events. Part of this fascination obviously comes from the fact that we live on Earth and want to carry on doing so but another element of it comes from the incredible power and terror that such events can create. Unfortunately though, end of the world scenarios are not just the domain of fiction. There have been plenty of mass extinction events throughout history, leading to the death of almost every single living thing. Here, we look at some of the scariest ways the world could actually end.


Recent outbreaks of diseases such as Ebola, bird flu and SARS have shown how easily and quickly they can spread. Previous pandemics such as the bubonic plague caused untold misery throughout the world but modern day versions could be even deadlier thanks to the fact that the world is so interconnected. As people can travel to almost any country on the planet in just a few hours, such pandemics could spread at a rapid rate and lead to billions of deaths.


Most people will have learned in school that the dinosaurs likely died out due to a massive asteroid hitting the planet. While objects from space continuously enter the atmosphere, most of them are entirely harmless and will simply burn up before landing on the surface. Larger asteroids though, could pose a real threat, opening up the possibility to a similar type of scenario that led to almost all life being destroyed 65 million years ago. What makes matters worse is that scientists cannot monitor a large portion of space so that an asteroid could hit without very much warning.