10 Of The Strangest Schools In The World

School is usually boring to many kids. Some kids dread getting up early to go to school just to sit in a classroom and be bored all day. Although getting an education requires this, wouldn’t it be nice to have a fun school to go to where you could do whatever you wanted? Well, there is one, and a few more that are pretty weird and unusual. Here are 10 of the weirdest and most unusual schools in the world today. Some are just downright crazy but sound fun too!

Boat Schools in Bangladesh

Since Bangladesh has flooding twice a year, this causes problems for everyone living and working there. Not only does it cause electricity to go out but children can’t go to school because of it. However, to combat this problem, an organization built boat schools so the children could at least get an education. The boat schools have a laptop, Internet, as well as a small library. The non-profit organization who built these boat schools is called Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha and they have so far built 100 of these boat schools. This way when there is flooding and everything else is closed down, the boat schools are still open and working to teach the children. About 70,000 children have benefited from these schools since they were built and opened up in 2002.

Abo Elementary School

In Artesia, New Mexico, there is an underground school that also works as a fallout shelter. It was built during the cold war when everyone thought we would be attacked by nuclear weapons. The entire school is underground and there is a playground on the roof for the children.