10 Of The Most Horrifying Acts Of Terrorism Ever Committed

Terrorism is one of the single most terrifying experiences anyone can suffer through. Despite that, we are seeing a lot of different acts being committed, specifically against unarmed civilians by religious zealots and guerrilla troops. New York City was one of the worst acts of terrorism anyone has ever witnessed, but there are some more out there that may rival in their atrocity. Read on to discover some of the most horrifying acts of terrorism ever committed.

Mumbai Train Bombings

On July 11, 2006, seven bombs could be heard within the Suburban Railway in Mumbai. This terrorist attack ended with the deaths of over 209 people, and a grand total of 714 were wounded. The bombs were kept inside of pressure cookers in the first-class compartments of the train.

Baghdad Bombings

On April 18, 2007, a series of five car bombs rocked the city of Baghdad. The violent outbursts, which targeted civilians in Shia, resulted in over 200 casualties being recorded from the bombings in the part of the city that was still being rebuilt.