10 Of The Most Hilarious Texts People Actually Received

Texting has been a boon for communication since the technology was first invented. The one way it has changed over the years is that it has become more a tool for entertainment than important communication. Sure, we still use it in order to make sure we get the word out to our friends when we need to pass something along. More often than not these days though, we also use it to mess with people or just try and make our friends and family laugh. Luckily we’ve been able to round out some instances where people have definitely cracked the code as far as hitting our funnybone. Check out the list of 10 of the most hilarious texts people actually received.

She Might Be In Deep Doo-Doo

The wrong number is only one of the reasons this text caught our attention. Like you, we really need to know what the backstory here is.

Support From The Unlikeliest Of Places

It really sucks when a woman gives out a fake number to a guy. After all the trouble one goes through to get a number, only to find out it was all a waste of time…