10 Of The Most Dangerous Ingredients In Your Toothpaste

Toothpaste has been around since as early as the Ancient Greeks – in one form or another. Since those days, the formula has changed often in order to provide the freshest, most hygienic combination of chemicals and flavors to clean the human mouth. Companies manufacture the substance, which is guaranteed to glisten your teeth with ease, and took over the market. In order to create this “cleaning” treatment, though, a lot of dangerous ingredients were implemented. Here are ten of the most dangerous ingredients in your toothpaste.


Formaldehyde is the substance used to to cleanse a body before it is tossed into the ground. The substance kills the bacteria that clambers onto your teeth while eating or sleeping. Large amounts, when ingested, can cause fatal issues.


Detergent is obviously used in order to clean your clothing in the washing machine. Despite that usage, manufacturers have long been using the ingredient in various types of toothpaste. When ingested in large amounts, the detergent can burn your digestive tract.