10 Of The Largest Robberies In History

Schiphol Airport Heist, Netherlands

On February 25th, 2005, the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam became the location for one of the largest ever diamond heists. An estimated $118 million worth of diamonds, both cut and uncut, were stolen. Though most robberies require extensive plans and every detail of the event thought out, this heist was largely unplanned.

Two weeks prior to the robbery, four men stole KLM uniforms and a cargo truck (KLM is a major airline for the Netherlands). On the day, the thieves drove directly to the truck containing the precious stones, forced the drivers out at gun-point and stole the truck.

Knightsbridge Security Deposit, England

The Knightsbridge security deposit robbery took place on July 12th, 1987. The mastermind behind the robbery, Valerio Viccei, moved from Italy to London in 1986. Viccei was wanted in Italy for ties to 50 armed robberies.

Viccei gained help from the managing director of the center, Parvez Latif, whom was heavily in debt. On the day of the robbery, the two men went into the safe deposit center, wanting to open their own safety deposit box. Once they gained access to the vault, they produced handguns and subdued the staff. An estimated £60 million was stolen, which, considering inflation, is approximately £137 million as of 2014.

Viccei and his accomplices were later caught, since forensic investigators recovered a Viccei’s bloody fingerprint at the crime scene. Viccei was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment, however died in 2000.