10 Of The Craziest Things That Government Have Wasted Money On

Governments are notorious for the vast amounts of money they can waste. It is not unusual for taxpayer money to be spent on all kinds of weird and wonderful things as politicians try to research new policies or look at potential solutions to problems that they have to deal with. Although most people would prefer that the funds be used to improve the education or health systems and even add more police to the streets rather than wasted on what can seem likely crazy and silly projects.

Unused Warplanes

Despite the fact that the United States Air Force had made it clear to the government that they did not want to commission any further C-27Js, because of the fact that other aircraft were more effective and cheaper, Congress decided to continue funding their construction for three years. This led to 25 additional C-27Js being built that were never going to be used, costing the taxpayers more than $400 million.

IRS Star Trek Parody

The IRS was rebuked by Congress for wasting taxpayer money in 2013 when it emerged they had spent $60,000 on a training video. The six-minute long tape showed members of staff dressed up as Star Trek characters while standing in a replica of the Enterprise control room. The agency later admitted that the video served no training purpose and was a bad use of government resources.