10 Odd Rites Of Passage Young Boys Experience

A rite of passage is a cultural phenomenon that some people are still practicing these days. Every culture has their own in some small manner, but many areas of the world still practice odd passages for a young boy to enter adulthood. Sure, there is the Sweet 16, the Bar Mitzvah, or any other that comes to mind, but imagine being locked in a cage or bungee jumping towards the ground. Here are ten odd rites of passages that young boys experience.

Algonquin Indians

Young boys of the Algonquin tribe are shepherded to a secluded area, then caged up, and given an intoxicating substance called wysoccan. It is an extremely dangerous hallucinogenic drug that is thought to be about 100 times stronger than LSD.

Vanuatu Land Divers

Combining both a harvest ritual and a rite of passage for young boys, the tribes on the tiny Pacific island of Vanuatu tie ropes to their young boys, who then climb a 98-foot tower and jump towards the hard ground with vines attached to their feet.