10 Horrific Incidents Of People Being Buried Alive

If you ask a lot of people what their biggest fear is, up there in the “Top Ten Greatest Fears” would be being buried alive, along with snakes, spiders, riding horses, rejection – you name it. Being buried alive is absolutely terrifying – you know your death is imminent and there is very little, if anything, that you can do about it. Below, we have 10 cases of people being buried alive, not by any form of cruelty, but because by some error, their family members and friends actually presumed them dead. In some instances, people actually survive this ordeal, but most of the time, that is not the case.

Mayor Cornish

Mr. Cornish was the mayor of Bath when he supposedly died of a fever. Unfortunately, Mr. Cornish wasn’t really dead. While a gravedigger was in the process of burying him, he realized that there was a noise coming from the coffin. With the startling realization that Cornish was still alive, the gravedigger tried desperately to get him out before he died of suffocation. Once he finally opened it up, Cornish was found – truly dead this time – with his elbows and knees all bloody.

Mina el Houari

Mina El Houari was only 25 years old when she was buried alive by (believe it or not) a date. Houari had met a Moroccan man online a few months ago, and decided to go and meet him in person. However, during their date, Houari fainted because of a diabetic coma. Her date, the clearly bright man that he was, believed that she had suddenly dropped dead for no apparent reason, and made the odd decision to bury her in his backyard. After a couple of days, and Houari’s actual death, Houari’s family filed a missing person’s report and the truth was discovered.