10 Hilarious Photos Of Cosplaying Animals

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Cosplay is one of the hottest and fastest growing trends ever since comic con became one of the biggest events you can actually attend. With nerd culture rising socially to a whole new level and everyone being able to express themselves, it’s not hard to put two and two together and understand that with the love people have for their pets, animals have started becoming cosplay models as well. However, while most pet owners were going for the awesome look, most of these animals just look extremely hilarious and we can’t help but laugh as there is something seriously weird and funny about animal cosplay.

Walter White Cat from Breaking Bad

We are not sure if this cat is smart enough to be a chemist, but this gangster look in its eyes definitely make it a true and worthy Walter White!

Imperial Walker Dog from Star Wars

Looking almost as confused as the Empire and its stormtroopers, this dog is a perfect imperial walker.

The Infamous Miley Curys’ Wrecking Ball Dog

What better way to shame your pug, than making it cosplay as the wrecking ball from Miley Curys’ infamous music video.

Doctor Who Dog

Sharp and ready to go, this dog may very well be the next doctor!

Thor Dog from the Avengers

Embodying the true spirit of Thor, this dog either knows he’s the god of storm or is extremely angry at his owner.

Loki Cat

Who is Thor without his arch nemesis Loki? We almost feel like this Loki cat and the aforementioned Thor Dog can make an Avengers movie on their own.

Ewok from Star Wars

Extremely cute, this puppy rivals the adorable-ness of the true Ewoks from Star Wars.

Sailor Moon Dog

There may not be a lot of Sailor Moon fans left on this Earth, but those who are dress their dogs up in ridiculous and funny outfits like this one.

Nick Fury

As we’ve mentioned that the Thor Dog and Loki Cat can make a movie, we couldn’t help but include this fine guy, who perfectly portrays Nick Fury from the Avengers.

Leia Cat

The sex symbol of a few decades of nerds, Leia seems to be more beautiful than ever!