10 Extraordinary Trends That Will Make You Rethink What Beauty Is

Men and women across the globe are engaging in rather remarkable ways of expressing beauty ideals relevant to their cultures with some being quite slimy, bloody, and painful. Many of these beauty trends date back centuries while others are fairly new to the modern era. Overall, they have the power to challenge us to view beauty in a whole new light. You might even feel inspired to try a couple of these on your own. This list expresses loud and clear that beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder.

The Bagel-Shaped Forehead

Many Japanese people are falling in love with the bagel-shaped forehead look. This body modification procedure is done by having about 13.5 ounces of saline injected into one’s forehead to form a big welt. Next, a thumb is pressed in the center to create an indent, which transforms the shape of the welt into that of a typical bagel. The whole procedure takes about two hours to do, and the swelling eventually goes down within one day.

Tribal Body Scars

Scarification is a ritualistic practice of many cultures of the past and is still done by some cultures today, such as the Karo tribe in Ethiopia. It goes beyond the traditional tattooing with ink of the modern era because it is bloody and much more painful. Just like the tattoo junkie who loves to decorate his/her body with ink as a form of self-expression, some people create scars on certain areas of the body to express cultural identity, status, beauty, and even connection to supernatural beings.