10 Amazing Examples Of Photographs Being Manipulated

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Photography has always been one of the most insightful art forms in the world. The world of photography received a great boost after computers developed rapidly over the past two decades. Thanks to editing software, artists can now create some truly unbelievable images and warp their existing work to open new avenues. Manipulating a good photograph is a unique skill on its own and this list features 10 of the best photographs that have been edited in a brilliant way.

Big Head, Little Body

Don’t worry your eyes are not fooling you, the proportions are really off in this image.

Ironing Yourself

It is an absolute pain to iron yourself before getting to work isn’t it?

Handstand Bug

This bug would be outstanding at break dancing. Just look at its balance!

Missing Parts

Sometimes you are so lost that you tend to feel disconnected with your own body.


This baby is taking a good look at the world he is about to be born into.

Head Shopping

Wouldn’t it be amazing to pick your own body parts? Mixing and matching would be so much fun!

Helping Hand

An amazing picture, it appears as if milk is pouring out of the bulb to form a hand of a person who appears to be meditating.

Bonsai Waterfall

I have heard of bonsai trees but never seen a bonsai waterfall.

House Of Pears

A brilliantly edited image, making it appear as if these houses are actually giant pears.

Crawling Out

A truly creepy image that deserves its place in a horror movie.