Ten 3D Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind

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Optical illusions have been baffling and amazing people for years untold, and tattoos have been an ancient expression of oneself for even longer. There are some folk out there now so skilled at the art of tattooing, that they’ve managed to combine it with optical illusion to create some incredible 3D body art, and confuse people on the go!

10. Surely not?

If you don’t think this is without a doubt some of the coolest art you’ve ever seen, we can’t be friends. It’s like someone’s carved into her leg! (which we guess technically they have, but not in the same way).

9. I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter(fly)

Of course, her more squeamish friends may constantly think she has a giant mutant butterfly on her shoulder at all times.

8. Something Seems Fishy…

You have to admire how this guy took something most consider a disability, and turned it into something truly beautiful.

7. Wow

We can’t even think of anything sarcastic or funny to say about this one… it’s just incredible.

6. Aye Aye

This one must have taken ages, but at least he’ll always know where the buried treasure is now (plus, it looks really freaking awesome).

5. Eye for an Eye

Yeah… so we’re gonna be having nightmares about this one for a few months.

4. Bird is the Word

Another awesome looking cracked tattoo. Seriously, these things must take so long to finish… they’ve got some real brass ones for being able to take that kind of pain.

3. Can I Borrow Your Pen?

Don’t be ashamed if it took you a second to realize where the tattoo was. The same thing happened to us.

2. Please Zip That Up

You have to admire the people that scar their bodies just so they can scare the living hell out of people.

1. E.T Go Home

Yeah, so this one is by far the most unsettling of the bunch. Everyone else can go home, you just lost to the guy who ate an alien.