20 Weird And Crazy Ways To Save Money

Roast Your Own Coffee Beans

You can actually roast your own coffee beans meaning you won’t have to buy the expensive coffee from the store anymore. There are many tutorials online that tell you how to do this.

Never Buy Anything Brand New

Try buying used or secondhand to cut down on costs. You can go to thrift stores to find some great clothes and shoes that are really cheap. Some thrift stores even have 10 cent and 50 cent days meaning everything in the store on a certain day is either 10 cents or 50 cents.

Eat Raw Food

Try to eat at least one meal per week of raw vegetables. Doing it this way means not turning on your stove that day and this can cut energy costs down. One day per week shouldn’t be too hard — even if you love meat.

Reuse Disposable Items

There are a few different disposable items that can be reused such as saran wrap, tinfoil, and even ziplock bags. You shouldn’t reuse them more than a couple of times but reusing them at least one time before buying new can save on these products, meaning you won’t have to buy new ones for longer.