15 Reasons Why Face And Neck Tattoos Are A Bad Idea

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People get tattoos every day. Some people get something small on their arm or ankle, while others go all out with sleeves and back tattoos. However, just like piercings, certain places shouldn’t be tattooed unless you’re a rock star and don’t need to worry about what your office or fast food job thinks of your looks. Before you run out and get a face tattoo, take some time to look at these photos and learn whey getting a tattoo of any kind on your face is just a bad idea all around.

More Likely To Fade

Because the skin on your face is so thin, getting a tattoo on that area isn’t always the best choice. If you’re tattoo artist doesn’t go deep enough, your tat could start to fade after a while.

Could Look Blurry

On another note, if your artist goes deeper in hopes to make your tattoo stay, it could turn out blurry like this dolphin.

You Might Get Mistaken For A Murderer

They say killers get a tattoo of a teardrop for every life they take.

They Look Trashy

Some face tattoos may look OK, like a couple stars, or maybe a little rose on the neck, but others just look trashy.

May Lose Your Job

Pretty sure that if you walked into work with a penis tattooed on your face tomorrow, you’d be jobless.

Could Make It Harder To Find A Job

If you don’t have a job, now is not the time to get a bunch of face mods and tattoos. Would you hire this guy?

You’re Not A Rock Star

Rock stars can usually get away with neck and face tats, if they plan on rocking for the rest of their lives.

You Have To Live With It Forever

Remember, tattoos are permanent (unless you want to go through the pain of laser removal). So you could like like this in a few decades.

Your Interests Might Change

It’s one thing to get a favorite TV show or band tattooed on your leg or elsewhere, but getting interests on your face or neck is a bad idea. What happens when you no longer like that particular interest?

Your Love Might Change

Love doesn’t always last forever, and Mandy may not like seeing Kay’s name on your neck.

It’s Going To Hurt

Do you think this felt good?

You Might Scare People

That is the thing of nightmares.

You’re A Bad Influence On Children

Do you want your children to grow up and decide to look like this?

Your Body Is Supposed To Be A Temple

Bible readers know that your body is a temple and you are supposed to take care of it. Pretty sure that means not getting tattoos. Jesus will forgive him if he asks.

You’re Not A Zombie

Want to be a living skeleton or the living dead? Try makeup instead of making it permanent!