15 Of The Most Beautiful Birds In The World

Bohemian Waxwing

These birds don’t stand out with bright colors as do some others on this list, but on closer inspection, their elegance becomes apparent. They have sleek, smooth brown feathers, with just the right amount of bright highlights on their tail feathers. Their funny-shaped crests give them a slightly comical aspect, too.

Northern Oriole

These birds are small, with a beautiful mix of black and yellow feathers. What’s more, they have a baseball team inspired by them – the Baltimore Orioles. These birds are generally solitary until mating season. The males are known for their singing; their chirps have been described as loud, flutey, bold, and buzzy.

Blue Bird-of-Paradise

The birds-of-paradise is a group of birds often found in New Guinea, and the Blue bird is likely the famous one of all. Not only are they beautiful, but the males perform hilarious courtship displays; they’ll hang upside down from branches, spread their plumage, and sing in a low, throaty voice.