10 Of The Most Shockingly Pointless Scientific Studies Ever Carried Out

Sperm Anti-Depressant

The scientists involved in the research looking at whether sperm acted as an anti-depressant might have simply been looking for a way to get more sex out of their wives and girlfriends. The team looked into the positive that the fluid could have by interviewing woman who were sexually active and seeing whether condom use had any effect on their overall happiness. The findings proved almost nothing other than that the methods used were completely inadequate to test their hypothesis.

People Put On More Clothes When It’s Cold

Researchers from Italy and Denmark made the shocking discovery when they published their study of people’s clothing behavior according to external weather and indoor environment. The major findings included the fact that people would dress according to the weather and how cold it was, choosing to wear warmer clothing during the winter. Bafflingly, they also looked into how people made “clothing adjustments” during the day to better suit the temperature, learning that people would take off a jumper if they were too warm.