10 Impressive Pixar Facts You Never Knew

Pixar Animation Studios is easily one of the best animation film studios in the entire world. They create so many iconic children’s movies – which even adults tend to love, too. Films like Toy Story, Monster’s Inc., and the incredibly sad Up are all feature films of the studio. They released their first film in 1984, which used motion blur and hand painted textures. Today, the studio is the leader in animation. Their work is so well done and efficient that the stories tug at our heart strings with ease. Here are ten impressive Pixar facts you never knew.

Steve Jobs

After being removed from Apple so long ago, Steve Jobs actually purchased Graphics Group, which is the original name of Pixar, back in 1986.

$5 Million

Steve Jobs paid George Lucas, of Lucas Films, around $5 million in order to obtain the rights to the technology used by Pixar.