10 Bizarre Reasons Why People Were Sent To Jail

The law has been put in place to protect the interests of regular people. Sometimes, however, the law works against the interests of ordinary folk and comes back to haunt us in mysterious ways. The rules concerned with functioning without any conflict in society seems to be getting stranger and stranger with each passing year. You might not even know that you broke a law before you are sent off to prison in a hurry. This list includes 10 strange instances of people being sent to jail for bizarre reasons.

Suspected Immigrant

The immigration crisis is at all all-time high at this point, but this paranoia related to immigrants has been around for some time now. Briseira Torresr was actually sent to jail for four months despite being a US citizen, simply because she didn’t have her papers on her. This was because of the Arizona ‘Support our law enforcement and safe neighborhoods act’, or what is lovingly called the ‘show me your papers’ act.

Collecting Rainwater

Gary Harrington was sent to prison for 30 days, simply because he was caught collecting some rainwater. Most places in the world encourage people to harvest rainwater, but according to Oregon, collection of rainwater is considered as an illegal reservoir. Imagine being sentenced to jail time for putting a empty barrel outside your house when it is raining!