10 Biggest Winnings In The United States Lottery

We all dream of the day when our luck changes so drastically that we win one of the biggest lottery drawings to have ever been in existence. Unfortunately, the chances of winning the lottery are rather slim, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the idea. There are numerous people throughout the country who managed to score really, really big in the United States lottery, and those individuals are probably set for the rest of their lives. Unless, of course, they intend to spend all of their winnings on pizza and bouncy castles. Those items eat through your income fast.

$656 Million

In the largest lottery winnings to have ever been recorded, Merle and Patricia Butler bought a $3 winning quick-pick ticket in Red Bud, Illinois. The couple decided to collect the winnings in one large payment of $158 million after taxes. There were three winning tickets for this drawing in total, but only the Butlers came forward to be publicly identified for the prize money. Those from Maryland and Kansas opted to remain anonymous throughout the entire drawing.

$648 Million

In 2013, two Mega Millions winning tickets were sold in Georgia and California. The jackpot for this particular lottery started out around $636 million in October of 2013, but quickly increased to $648 million after nearly two dozen drawings went on without a winner. On December 17, 2013, however, two winning tickets were drawn. The winners’ names were not revealed, however.