20 Of The World’s Weirdest Phobias

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If you’re like most people, then it’s probable that you’ve picked up a phobia or two in your time. A fear of spiders, clowns or heights is pretty commonplace it turns out and if flying is your biggest worry, you should count yourself lucky. For some people, life is not so easy. The most banal things come equipped with the most terrifying consequences for some and making it through one day can be a truly scary ordeal. Some phobias out there are seriously weird and if you think you’re scared of strange things, just wait for what we have to show you.


People with ablutophobia are pretty easy to spot and as long as your nose is in working order, you will know when you meet someone with this phobia. The fear of bathing or cleaning, sufferers of ablutophobia have to be pretty clever about washing and more often than not, go without.


It’s surprising how many things in the world are yellow. Take the sun, for example. Or daffodils, or yellow paint, or butter. Sufferers of xanthophobia know all too well how much yellow there is in the world; they’re scared of the color and have no means of escape.


For many of us, there’s no better way to finish a good meal than with a huge round of cheese. People with turophobia may beg to differ, however. Suffering from this phobia means that you are terrified of cheese and there’s no amount of grilled sandwiches that can change your mind.


Whilst many of us would claim that we have ergophobia, most of us are lying. Suffering with the phobia is to be genuinely terrified of work or the workplace, proving that for some, Mondays really are the worst thing in the world.


Contemporary generations can probably relate to this phobia more than others. Having nomophobia is to be genuinely terrified of being without your cell phone, or without service. According to researchers in the UK, a massive 50% of the population have the phobia.


Most of the world could think of nothing better than sleeping past their alarms and having a long lie in. For sufferers of somniphobia, however, there could be nothing worse; they have an irrational fear of falling asleep, associating the act with death.


Nature walks are some of the most calming and enjoyable ways we can spend our weekend. For hylophobia sufferers, however, there is nothing worse. To suffer from this phobia is to be utterly scared of trees and even thinking about woodland areas can trigger an anxiety attack.


Most of us know the perils of falling in love and having your heart broken and unfortunately, this kind of pain is simply a way of life. Philophobia sufferers are not so resigned to heartbreak, however, as they have a genuine fear of love and relationships.


Sufferers of omphalophobia have a fear of the navel in any form. Having their belly buttons touched, looked at or exposed is akin to having their teeth pulled and even in the height of summer, they won’t risk showing off their navels.


Here’s hoping there aren’t any ombrophobia sufferers who live in the northern hemisphere. People with this phobia are utterly scared of the rain and even the sight of bad weather can bring on a severe anxiety attack.


People with heliophobia are often likened to modern day vampires. Suffering from this phobia is to have a fear of the sun and even though it might seem funny, heliophobia can lead to severe nutritional deficiencies.


Whilst the pope is an international symbol of peace and wellbeing, papaphobia sufferers have other ideas. Papaphobia is an irrational fear of the pope or the papacy, normally related to an early trauma associated with holy things.


Don’t be surprised if you meet a completely hairless chaetophobia sufferer. Chaetophobia is the fear of loose or detached hair on the body and many people with the fear take matters into their own hands.


Whilst most of us are taught that heaven is better than our wildest dreams, there are some who have an irrational fear of the place. Normally afraid of what awaits them after death, sufferers of uranophobia are completely terrified of heaven.


Haphephobia is the complete fear of being touched in any way by another person or object. Here’s hoping that sufferers don’t live in crowded cities or towns, where bodily contact is just another facet of life.


Kitchen appliances come in weird and wonderful forms and for many of us, they’re a way to make our lives easier. People with oikophobia, however, suffer from a fear of all kitchen appliances, which makes living and eating a very interesting process indeed.


Hipster everywhere beware; pogonophobia sufferers are out there and they’re not afraid to take matters into their own hands. To have this phobia is to be afraid of beards and even the sight of one is enough to send a sufferer crazy.


Trypophobia is the irrational fear of small objects with holes and sufferers of this fear are known to have some of the most severe reactions around. From sponges to honeycomb, if it’s got holes, it’s terrifying to people with trypophobia.


Palindromes are words which can be spelled the same way forwards and backwards. Aibohphobia is a fear of words like these and ironically, is a palindrome in and of itself. Here’s hoping that sufferers haven’t noticed.


More than a mouthful, it’s little surprise that this phobia is the fear of very long words. Whilst this phobia is more often than not passed around as an internet joke, we’re pretty sure that there are sufferers out there. The name Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is terrifying enough.