20 Of The World’s Weirdest Phobias

If you’re like most people, then it’s probable that you’ve picked up a phobia or two in your time. A fear of spiders, clowns or heights is pretty commonplace it turns out and if flying is your biggest worry, you should count yourself lucky. For some people, life is not so easy. The most banal things come equipped with the most terrifying consequences for some and making it through one day can be a truly scary ordeal. Some phobias out there are seriously weird and if you think you’re scared of strange things, just wait for what we have to show you.


People with ablutophobia are pretty easy to spot and as long as your nose is in working order, you will know when you meet someone with this phobia. The fear of bathing or cleaning, sufferers of ablutophobia have to be pretty clever about washing and more often than not, go without.


It’s surprising how many things in the world are yellow. Take the sun, for example. Or daffodils, or yellow paint, or butter. Sufferers of xanthophobia know all too well how much yellow there is in the world; they’re scared of the color and have no means of escape.


For many of us, there’s no better way to finish a good meal than with a huge round of cheese. People with turophobia may beg to differ, however. Suffering from this phobia means that you are terrified of cheese and there’s no amount of grilled sandwiches that can change your mind.


Whilst many of us would claim that we have ergophobia, most of us are lying. Suffering with the phobia is to be genuinely terrified of work or the workplace, proving that for some, Mondays really are the worst thing in the world.