Top 20 Most Insane Medical Experiments In History

16. Mairanovsky Poison Experiments

Throughout the Russian Revolution of the early 1900’s, Grigory Mairanovsky tested numerous poisons in Russian prisons on anyone that was considered an enemy of the people. He was a bad man and, despite being arrested for his personal behaviors outside the experiments, he was put in charge of a Soviet bio-warfare facility producing grotesque chemicals for years.

15. Project 4.1 Nuclear Exposure Observations

While this experiment was not intentional, the U.S. government secretly spied on residents of the Marshall Islands who were exposed to United States Nuclear testing. Not exactly an ideal way to learn about radiation exposure.


During the 1950’s, the CIA sought to create chemicals that would be used to brainwash and control subjects. With this end in mind, the CIA dosed numerous subjects against their will with addictive, mind altering drugs including LSD.

13. THN1412 Drug Trials

Unfortunately for participants, this medical experiment gone wrong took place recently — in 2007. A drug, called THN1412, was put through human trials because it had had no affect on animals and was thought to be capable of curing Leukemia. Unfortunately, a large portion of the control group died which, of course, caused the drug trials to cease immediately.