Top 20 Craziest Athlete Superstitions Of All Time

12. Sam Bradford

While he doesn’t have to eat a particular item like Peyton Manning or Bryce Harper, Sam Bradford does have to eat whatever he’s chowing down on in groups of three. That’s right, 3 chicken breasts, three pieces of steak, three skittles, etc.

11. Caron Butler

While he has gotten over a previous superstition – the need to drink a half liter of Mountain Dew before he takes the court, Caron Butler now has to chew a straw during every timeout. Unfortunately the NBA banned it due to safety concerns.

10. Shaquille O’Neal

Not only does Shaquille O’Neal have a nutty superstition, but his need to chew four pieces of Big Red gum has a negative affect on the local furniture. When he’s done chewing his four pieces of gum before he takes the court, he sticks the gum under his seat! Gross!

9. Patrick Roy

It gets pretty lonely out there on the ice, but that’s no excuse for Goalie Patrick Roy’s superstition from his playing days. Roy would actually TALK to the goal posts before the game, you know, because they’re such good friends.