Top 20 Best Countries To Retire Abroad

12. France

An inexpensive healthcare system and access to the world’s best wineries are reasons enough for France to take the number 12 spot on our list. While Paris is proably as pricey as you’ve heard, the rest of France is reasonable.

11. Ireland

It should come in as no surprise that Ireland comes in as a great place to retire. The “Emerald isle” offers an educated and English speaking population with easy access via air to both the United States and all of Europe. The history Ireland has to offer is also a plus. Drawbacks are a relatively high cost of living and the seclusion that comes with being on an island on the periphery of Europe.

10. Italy

Italian food lovers should strongly consider packing their belongings and heading to our number 10 contender for best place to retire: Italy. Located in Southern Europe, Italy offers retirees affordable healthcare, a modest cost of living relative to the U.S. average, and access to some of the most amazing historic cities in the world. It should be noted that those emigrating here will need to prove financial means.

9. Malaysia

Fans of Southeast Asia will love the 9th best place to retire: Malaysia. English is widely spoken here, and it is a mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures. If that doesn’t excite you, Malaysia also offers long-term visas to retirees that are relatively easy to obtain and the country does not tax foreign income.