The Virginity Loss Stories Of 15 Hollywood A-Listers

Katy Perry

The infamous “I Kissed a Girl” songstress was more than happy to kiss a boy or two back before her rise to fame. Katy revealed that she lost her virginity in the front seat of a Volvo Sedan while Jeff Buckley’s romantic ballad “Grace” played over the car radio.

Jessica Simpson

In a very public and highly televised affair, Simpson was fairly open about not wanting to have sex before marriage. When she did finally marry her first husband (now ex) Nick Lachey at the age of twenty-two, the pair got in on and the rest is history.

Johnny Depp

Thirteen years old and in the back of a car. Yup. No kidding, you guys. While still rocking out as a member of the band The Flame, a (very) young Johnny Depp found himself deflowered in the backseat of his friend’s car when he was barely pubescent. This, of course, was long before he became a global sex symbol.