House of Cards’ Frank Underwood: Top 10 Shocking Moments

He Always Knows What To Say

Frank Underwood is quite possibly the most quotatious man since JFK. House of Cards has been extremely popular since its release on Netflix, and Frank Underwood’s common ‘breaking of the fourth wall’ helps bring the audience into the show. Rarely is Frank lost for words, (except of course for that CNN debate with Marty Spinella), I mean, who else could convince the President of the United States to take a nap in the middle of the day during a crucial time in American politics. Frank’s ability to talk himself out of situations is commendable, and rarely does Frank not get the last word in a conversation. “It’s Vice President!” Frank declares… “You are not my Vice President, you are on sovereign land” Lanagin replies, before Frank throws a $200 dollar steak into his swimming pool, before a hungry German Shepherd dives in after it.

You do not get the Oval Office without at least an ounce of charisma, and Frank has that in abundance. Something that has served him well.

He’s The Villain We All Love

As previously pointed out, there is something about Frank Underwood villainous nature that draws us viewers in, a desire to know more and a hope to see how low President Underwood can go in order to get what he wants. He has certainly earned himself the title of ‘The Villain We All Love’ – Can Frank be stopped? Or will Frank’s troubled history catch up with him? Perhaps in the sense that Shakespeare’s Macbeth’s horror past caught up with him, so will Frank Underwood? Is House of Cards the modern day Macbeth? Can the Shakespearian play give us an insight into the future events of President Underwood? I suppose the only answer is to tune in to season 3 and see how far Underwood can go, and whether his seat in the Oval Office will drive him down paths we thought he would never go. He cannot become any more villainous, can he?