House of Cards’ Frank Underwood: Top 10 Shocking Moments

He Is Absolutely Ruthless

There is no doubt in Frank Underwood’s character that he is nothing less than a ruthless character with a drive and determination to see him rise the political ladder. Frank has shown us, the viewers, an absolutely endless reel of violence and ruthlessness. This spanning from the killing of a dog in the very first episode, to the moment he pushed Zoe Barnes in front of a metro train, and oh how that horror still trembles around the cyber halls of Netflix. However, one thing is for certain, we are all in a strange, perhaps worrying way, drawn in by the ruthlessness of Frank Underwood, and we all hold on for the next time he will do something for his political gain. Perhaps it is the fact that we know we are safe behind our monitors is why we are so drawn in by the horror of Fran Underwood. Maybe.

He Has A Team As Ruthless As Him

Every President needs a Vice President, and every Vice President needs a kick-ass Chief of Staff. Doug Stamper. Doug has been absolutely crucial in everything Frank has achieved in the first two seasons of Netflix’s House of Cards. Stamper’s loyalty towards Frank Underwood is unquestionable and undeniable, and he played a key part in keeping Russo clean for the necessary time. Additionally, Doug played a key part in taking down Underwood’s enemies. He is indeed the Bonnie to Underwood’s Clyde.

However, the cracks in Doug Stamper’s foundations began to show in the latter episodes of season two, and his poisonous desire for Rachel Posner could prove to be his downfall. As Frank declared;

“Even Achilles was only as strong as his heel.”

Is Doug’s Achilles his poisonous love for Rachel? Will this silent quest for her be the catalyst for the downfall of Doug Stamper? Or will the Chief of Staff revive former glories under the New President of the United States?