Greatest Voice-Over Actors Of All Time

James Earl Jones

When you hear the words ‘Luke I am your Father’, you can’t help but hear it in the epic voice of James Earl Jones. The legendary actor has also voiced another memorable character in ‘Lion King’, playing the role of Mufasa, the loving king of the jungle who is viciously betrayed by his brother Scar.

Andy Serkis

Motion capture technology has allowed voice-over actors to add an element of realism and flair to their animated/CGI versions. Ultron clearly had the facial ticks of James Spader in the latest ‘Avengers’ flick, but the technology was most memorably used while creating the beloved character of Gollum in the ‘LOTR’ franchise. Andy Serkis was absolutely brilliant in his portrayal of Gollum, making the audience genuinely feel for the character.