20 Widely Believed Misconceptions That Are Not True

We Do Not Have 5 Senses

We in fact have nearly 20 senses. The five senses we are told about early on are simply the most basic senses we are in touch with. Other senses include our sense of balance and our ability to judge pain and hunger.

Our Tongue Is Not Divided Into Sections

It is a common belief that our tongue is divided into numerous sub-sections that break-down or absorb certain types of taste such as sweet, salty, bitter and so on. Our tongue, in reality, is just one unit functioning simultaneously. We taste and perceive taste at the same time using the entirety of our tongue.

You Can Wake Sleepwalkers

Imagine a person nearly walking off the ledge of a building or walking into something dangerous while they are sleepwalking! It is only a misconception that sleepwalkers shouldn’t be woken up. They will be a little confused at first but waking them up will probably do less damage than what they could inflict on themselves.

Napoleon Wasn’t Short

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest conqueror’s in the world but he was always considered to be short in stature. He was actually a healthy 5 feet 7 inches, falling on the better end of the average height of Frenchmen in his era. Maybe people expected more from a conqueror of his magnitude which is why they perceived him to be shorter than he actually was.