20 Wedding Photos That Failed Hilariously

Model Woman

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting married, or being pregnant, or drinking beer, or smoking a cigarette, or wearing a mini-dress – it’s a free country. But doing all of those things at exactly the same time? It isn’t recommended if you’re shooting for classiness.

Extreme Wedding

Theme weddings are great and some people love to take them to the next level. It’s hard to tell if this lovely bride is sawing off a chastity belt or indulging in some other fetishistic activity, but more power to her for pulling it off.

That Rug Tied the Whole Room Together

Quirks, oddities, inside jokes – they are all-important elements of relationships with friends. They also are (hopefully) words used to describe this wedding photo. If this picture is supposed to be taken seriously, it absolutely missed its mark.

You May Kiss The Groom

All brides fear getting dumped on the day of their wedding. For this lovely lady’s sake, let’s hope that the groom and his attendant are indulging in a little homoerotic joking and nothing else.