20 Ways To Kick Up The Heat And Spice Up Any Dish

White Pepper

I bet you thought white pepper was the exact same as black pepper, didn’t you? Well, white pepper is actually hotter than black but is said to be less complex with fewer flavor notes. White pepper is often used for aesthetic purposes, for things such as white sauces and mashed potatoes.


If black pepper isn’t hot enough for you but you’re scared to go too far up the heat scale, buy fresh peppercorn. Sold in convenient and easy to use grinders, fresh peppercorn will be one step up from standard black pepper. However, be warned, once you opt for fresh peppercorn you may never go back to packaged black pepper.

Jalapeno Peppers

Not only will jalapenos add heat to your cuisine, they’re also very healthy. They are rich in Vitamin C and they have a good amount of Vitamin A as well. Due to its popularity, many companies are infusing their products with jalapeno. Look for jalapeno popcorn if you want to try something new.

Serrano Peppers

Originating from the mountainous regions of the Mexican states of Puebla and Hidalgo, serrano peppers are said to be 5 times hotter than jalapeno peppers. Due to their texture, they need to be steamed or peeled before using.