20 Ways To Have The Best Road Trip Ever!

Tackle Box Snack Carrier

A road trip requires snacks. If you are a variety snacker, you can tackle that travel problem in a flash. Prepack a new tackle box with your favorite snacks. You won’t accumulate trash or have to buy extra snacks while on the road.

Collect Jars of Dirt

Collect jars of dirt at your favorite destinations. It will build a memory and a keepsake while you are finding the perfect spot to gather dirt on your vacation.

Don’t Over Plan

The fun of a road trip is exploring. You live by a schedule at work so let your vacation time be different. Enjoy the unscheduled freedom to wander and make spur of the moment site seeing decisions. If you must plan, make reservations in a particular location that you can reach within a leisurely drive.

Watch for Billboard Signs

The billboard signs are local advertisements of places you just shouldn’t miss. If a sign catches your eye, follow the directions and let the vacation fun begin.