20 Ways To Actually Get Things Done The Way You Need To

Get Enough Exercise

If you are always tired, it is most likely because you are sitting around working on the computer all day. You need exercise just like everyone else does. It will help make you feel better. Try exercising for 30 minutes to an hour every day and you will feel a lot better. It will give you the energy you need to get things done easier, faster, and better. You could try exercising for a half hour before work and then a half hour after work. Try it!

Don’t Take On Work That Has Deadlines

If you have a problem meeting deadlines, try to find work that doesn’t require you to meet deadlines. This will make you feel less stressed and make you want to work when you want to, not when you have to. That is, unless you can meet deadlines pretty good. If so, make sure to do everything you can to meet the deadline to make the client happy and make yourself look as professional as you are.

Stay Off Social Media Websites

Stay off social media websites like Facebook and Twitter while working. If you are signed into these sites while working, it will just make you want to stop working every five minutes just to check to see what your friends are up to. Stay off until your MITS are done, at least.

Keep A Schedule And Work When Most Productive

Figure out when you are most productive during the day and work when you are. Some people feel better working in the afternoon and overnight while others feel more productive in the early morning hours. Try to work when your workplace is quieter and this will help you get things done. Keeping a schedule during the most productive time for you will really help you achieve what you need to and what you want to.