20 Ways Having An Older Sibling Really Sucked Growing Up

Your Parents Never Paid You Attention

Let’s face it; anything you ever did when growing up had already been done by your older siblings. Your parents were rarely impressed by anything that you did and as a result, didn’t really pay you much attention.

Everything You Got Was Already Broken

New toys were the thing of dreams for you growing up and the only reason that your siblings would willingly share what they had was if it was already broken. Now, you don’t let other people touch you things for fear of what they might do.

You Were Always Known As The Baby

No matter how old you got, everyone in the family always referred to you as the baby. Getting other people to take you seriously was a real challenge and even now, you struggle to be heard.

You Were Always The Butt Of The Joke

Being the youngest meant that you were always the easiest target around and as a result, you had every joke in the book played on you. Your siblings seemed to have no awareness of the pain they were causing you or, if they had, just didn’t care.